Accordion restauration and Repair





Professional tunning, bass rebuild,rewax, valve & pad replacement,keyboard leveling,bellows repair and more…


repair & restoration

I have been repairing/restoring antique and contemporary accordions for 45 years now. With Skill and experience. I can transform your instrument into polished piece of playable art. The great accordion repair specialist Vince Chrelli gifted me with this father’s custom crafted hand tools. Each instrument i repair, i feel a sense of nostalgia, connectedness, purpose and privilege to carry on this great legacy. It would bring me joy to fix your timeless instrument. I am ready and well qualified for any of your accordion repair needs as the only repair man who will fix reeds with corrosion, and who will make reeds from scratch. Please call or email with your requests.


We sell, trade, and rent any brand of accordion. The best way to do make these transactions is to visit our shop in San Jose and choose from the variety of options available in the gallery. Typically, we have two to tree hundreed accordions on the shelves. If you have a cheaper accordion, you can upgrade for an agreed upon outstanding amount,or rent from areasonable price. ($25 for students to $150 for professinal tone chamber(s) accordions. At the shop, we also carry all accessories for accordions. (Shoulder straps, back straps, backpack, etc).


I am a credentialed teacher who specializes in teaching beginners of all ages and aptitudes. I am available Monday-Friday from 5pm-9pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm-7pm. Price breakdown is as follows : $25 for 30 min and $45 for 1 hour lessons. If you are in the San Fracisco, or San Jose areas, i can do at-home lessons as well. I have a great program for handicap kids that keeps them challenged and determinated in practicing their favorite songs, and cover all the basics.